1. Login to your account at www.glynn.info. (You can register after clicking Login button if you have not already done so. Click here for Login instructions.)
  2. Select Online Claims Entry option on left side of the welcome page.
  3. Click Start New Claim Form button.
  4. Select your benefits resource (FSA medical claim, Dependent Care Claim, etc)
  5. You can choose to submit the claim online or by fax. If you choose to submit online, you will then upload your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) or an itemized bill.
  6. Make sure you select Purchased with Personal Funds so there is no delay in your reimbursement. Selecting the Purchased with mySourceCard option (if available) is used to substantiate a debit card transaction.
  7. Add claim information.
  8. To print claim form to fax, click Print the Receipt Cover Sheet. To submit online, Click Submit the Claim Form Online option.
  9. If sending by fax, don’t forget to sign and date the claim form and send the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) or itemized bills.
  10. If Glynn Griffing & Associates has an email address on file, you will get an email confirmation of the online claim submission.
  11. If you have any questions you can contact us at (601) 982-0331.
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