How to File a Claim Online (and Other Benefits of Using the Participant Portal)

As your Cafeteria Plan administrator, GGA would like to share a few key points to remember when submitting your FSA and/or DCA claims.

In accordance with HIPAA recommendations, and, in an effort to protect the personal health information contained in your Reimbursement Request Form(s) and supporting documentation, we strongly recommend submitting your claims in one of the following secure methods.

How to Submit a Claim

  • Online – Login to the participant portal by clicking the FSA Login button in the upper right-hand corner. Then, go to the “My Accounts” tab and select Submit Claims. If you have not already done so, please take the time to register. Below is a video that will show you how to submit a claim online.
  • Fax – Please fax a copy of a signed claim form along with the proper documentation to (844) 859-7308.

Benefits of Using the Online Participant Portal

A few of the benefits of utilizing the participant portal include:

  • Access to up-to-date account balances
  • Ability to submit and review claims
  • View time-sensitive emails regarding your transactions (these can be found under the “Communications” tab)
  • View your transaction history and status (approved, pending, or denied)
  • Add/Update Direct Deposit information, if offered by your employer
  • Upload Receipts for pending debit card transactions, if debit cards are offered by your employer
  • Ability to update your address and email address
  • View important plan year dates like the last day you can submit claims or the last day you can incur expenses

Information about New Debit Cards and Online (and Mobile) Accounts

Beginning September 12, 2016, GGA will begin using a new administration platform for the management of your Health FSA, Dependent Care FSAs, and HRAs.

Please review the information below about the changes and upgrades we’ve made to our systems.

New Benefits Debit Cards (If Offered by your Employer)

The new Benefits Debit Cards are now available, and will be activated upon first use.

  • There is still no PIN required to use your Benefits Debit Card–simply swipe as a credit card.
  • Cards are issued for a 3 year period and will be pre-loaded with your annual election at the beginning of each new plan year. If you have a $0 balance in your FSA account for this plan year, please keep your card, because your new funds will be available if you choose to re-enroll for next plan year.
  • You should keep all itemized receipts in the event that you are asked to submit them for eligibility verification per IRS regulations.
  • You may receive an email from asking you to login to your online account to view time sensitive information regarding your debit card swipes. Please login to your account to review the information because failure to send any requested documentation by the specified date may result in your card being temporarily deactivated.

New Online Accounts

You will need to register to access your new GGA myBenefits Portal account. Please find registration and login instructions below.

Through your new account you will be able to:

  • Check your account balance(s)
  • Submit claims online
  • Submit documentation for debit card transactions under “Upload Receipts”
  • View important messages and communications regarding claims processing and debit card transactions that need your attention
  • View your transaction history and claim statues (approved, pending, denied)
  • View your deadline for incurring and filing claims
  • Report a lost/stolen debit card
  • Enter/update direct deposit banking information (if offered by your employer)
  • Update your mailing address and email address
  • View your PIN number for your Debit Card
  • Register for text message alerts regarding your accounts, claims, and reimbursements
  • And much more…

GGA myBenefits Portal Registration and Login Instructions

New Mobile App

Once you’ve register your new account, you’ll also be able to download and access our new mobile app on your Apple or Android device! Just search for “Glynn Griffing” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Last Day to use your mySourceCard Debit Cards is on September 5th, 2016

With the upcoming holiday weekend, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that you have through September 5th, 2016 (at midnight) to use the mySourceCard debit cards before they are deactivated due to our software conversion.

New cards have been ordered to replace those that will be deactivated. You should be receiving their new Benefits Debit Cards in the next 7 – 10 business days. Additionally, we would like to remind you that these new debit cards will not be eligible for activation until after 8:00 am CST on September 12th.

Notice of Technology Upgrades and Debit Card Changes

Beginning September 12, 2016, Glynn Griffing & Associates will begin using a new administration platform for the management of your Health FSAs, Dependent Care FSAs, and HRAs.

Why the updates?

The new platform will offer:

  • Increased functionality allowing more efficiency and flexibility in managing complex accounts.
  • Greater levels of automation helping us to spend less time on manual processes and more time serving your participants.
  • Improved participant engagement providing all of the account management features we currently offer, plus enhanced online and mobile capabilities.

Features of the new system:

  • A new and improved participant portal providing access to educational and interactive videos and calculators – helping your employees make the best possible benefit decisions. The portal also includes graph-based charts displaying funds usage. The portal also gives the ability to choose how to receive notifications (email, text or U.S. mail).
  • A powerful mobile application allowing participants to manage accounts, view transaction history, submit claims and more – all from their mobile device – on both iPhone and Android platforms.
  • Optional benefit debit cards will be offered allowing convenient, real-time access to account funds with no set up fees. The new card platform will allow more flexibility in design features – increasing auto-substantiation rates. If you are not utilizing debit cards for your employees, please ask us how benefit card use may enhance the participant experience.
  • HRA administration has been streamlined and updated with more options for use.


During the transition, there will be no changes and minimal disruption with regard to manual claims submission/payment processes. In addition, you employees will still have the availability of our website and phone number to speak with our team.

As a result of the transition, we will be issuing new benefits debit cards to plan participants. We will provide more information about the card changes a little closer to September.

The new system will go live on September 12, 2016. We are excited about the new functionalities and are confident they will increase the value of our services our employers and their participants.

The GGA Team

How COBRA Applies to FSAs: 3 Questions Answered


How COBRA Applies to FSAs 3 Questions Answered

Recently, we’ve been receiving a number of questions about COBRA and its rules and regulations as well as how it applies to FSAs, so we wanted to briefly answer a few questions about who should be offering COBRA, why an employee would elect to COBRA their FSA, and how the FSA Carryover factors into the equation.

#1 Should I be offering COBRA, and, if so, to whom?

If you are a COBRA-qualified employer offering a Health FSA, you are required to offer COBRA continuation to qualified beneficiaries (terminated employees and their dependents).

COBRA applies to employer-sponsored group health plans including medical, dental, vision, FSA, HRA, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Similar to other health plans, employers are required to offer employees experiencing a loss of eligible employer coverage COBRA coverage of up to 18 months (including renewing elections for the following plan year) unless you qualify for a special exception that limits your COBRA obligations.

If your group qualifies for the special exception, then you are only required to offer COBRA coverage to employees who have a positive balance. Additionally, coverage may be terminated for these employees at the end of the plan year in which the loss of coverage occurs.

#2 Why would an employee elect to COBRA their FSA?

Any employee who elects to COBRA their FSA coverage will make non-deductible (after-tax) contributions to their FSA account.

Since there is no tax-advantage, most qualified beneficiaries will only elect to COBRA their FSA so they can maintain eligibility while they incur expenses and request reimbursement for any previously unspent pre-taxed dollars.

#3 Is the FSA Carryover considered when determining COBRA benefits?

For employers that offer the FSA Carryover, COBRA is required if the balance of a qualified beneficiary’s FSA account plus any carryover funds exceed their reimbursements for the plan year.

However, because the carryover funds were paid by the previous year’s pre-tax contributions, the carryover amount is not included when calculating their monthly premium.

The maximum COBRA premium for FSA coverage is calculated based on an employee’s annual coverage amount under the FSA (including both employee and employer contributions).

We’d love to help

Employers are facing increasingly complicated business and benefit regulations, and GGA knows that the continually changing employee benefit environment is only part of the puzzle.

We have trained COBRA administrators dedicated to keeping your COBRA plan in compliance and to giving you peace of mind.

If you would like GGA to assist you with compliance in one of the federal government’s most stringent laws, please request a proposal.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is general in nature and does not apply to any specific U.S. state except where noted.