At Glynn Griffing & Associates, we believe that educating participants in the benefits of Section 125 Cafeteria Plans is key to the satisfaction and success of the program. We present Participants with clear, concise information allowing them to make informed decisions. Our preference is to hold group meetings in order to present up to date information regarding the Client’s plan, however, if this is not cost effective or unfeasible, our website is designed to have the tools to educate a Participant in the “ins and outs” of the Plan.

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Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Brochure
Qualified Expenses
FSA Debit Card Flyer
How to Substantiate a Debit Card Transaction

Cafeteria Plan Powerpoint

Dependent Care Qualifying Expenses
Cafeteria Plan Reminders
Helpful Hints
How to File for Reimbursement
How to Submit An Online Claim

“Use it or Lose it” Rule
Spending Account Worksheet
What is a Valid Receipt
GGA myBenefits Portal Registration and Login Instructions