GGA provides a number of services to help you stay in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

  • Plan Document Creation & Maintenance – We create plan documents and SPDs for you to share with your employees regarding their benefits. We work closely with our benefit attorneys to ensure our documents are up-to-date and include the necessary information to keep your plans in compliance.
  • Discrimination Testing – The IRS requires that all Cafeteria Plans (Premium Only and Flexible Spending) be evaluated each year to ensure they do not discriminate against non-key and non-highly compensated employees. GGA can run discrimination testing for your Plan, provide you with a detailed report regarding the results, and make recommendations, if necessary, to get your plan back in compliance.
  • Online Communication Portals – State and Federal regulations require that your employees receive certain notifications regarding their benefits and employment rights. We have a several communication portal options to help assist you with making sure your employees have access to this information.